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Chemistry current event reports are due the last Friday of each month. Click on the word document to
review the requirements for completing the report. Also, review the rubric and remember to attach a
completed copy to your report.
Post a copy of your report in the discussion section of the wiki.
Please see me if you are unsure of a source.

Chemistry current event report requirements

Current Event Rubric
Review the rubric to ensure that you have completed all of the requirements for your report.

Suggested web-sites for chemistry based Current Events:
Science News
Link to the Magazine for the Society of Science and the Public
Search the 'Recent News' column

RSC Chemistry World
The Royal Society of Chemistry is Europe's largest chemical sciences organization.
Search the 'Features' and the 'News' columns

Chemical and Engineering News
Site for the Chemical and Engineering News Journal
Search the 'Current Issue' and the 'Latest News' tabs

American Chemical Society
The American Chemical Society's home page.
Search the 'Home Page' and the 'Publications' tab

AAAS Science News
Link to The American Association for the Advancement of Science
Search the 'Home Page' and the 'News' and 'Science Journals' tabs

Links to Articles Discussed in Class
Nobel Prize Awarded for Ultra-thin Carbon
We've discussed the element carbon in class, but what exactly is ultra-thin carbon? Read to discover why it is worthy of this year's Nobel Prize.

What the heck is hydrofracking? If you live anywhere in New York or Pennsylvania you should care about this potentially dangerous and environmentally damaging practice.