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Listed below are links to some of the experiments that we will be working on over the course of the school year.
You need to print out a copy of the experiment and review the procedure prior to lab class. All experiments should be conducted with your 'regular' lab group members. Please post the experimental write-up on the discussion section of the wiki. Remember to include your experimental analysis and conclusion paragraph. All labs are due the lab period after the completion of the laboratory activity.

Cracking Hydrocarbons Activity
Cracking Alkanes
First, review the process of hydrocarbon cracking by exploring this primer site. If you need to review the sturcture of alkanes, plase refer to Ch. 22 in your textbook.

Cracking a Hydrocarbon Demonstration
Before conducting the experiment, please view the video clip on setting up the cracking, experimental apparatus. Make sure to record the procedural steps in your laboratory notebook.

Cracking Hydrocarbons - Experimental Procedure
This activity will simulate the commercial process of hydrocarbon cracking. The experimental procedure utilizes a mixture of saturated
paraffin hydrocarbons that are first cracked, and then analyzed with bromine water and potassium manganate (VII).

Chemiluminescence Experiment
Chemiluminescence - Cool Light
Most chemical reactions produce both light and heat. So how do light sticks generate light without producing heat?
In this activity, you will examine the factors that affect a chemiluminescent chemical reaction.

Chemiluminescence Movie
After completing the chemiluminescence lab activity, please view the QuickTime movie of the reaction between hydrogen peroxide and peroxyoxylate.

Chemical Reactions
Blowing Up Balloons - Chemically
The purpose of the experiment is to determine which observable factors are changed and which remain constant during a chemical reaction.
The reaction between zinc and hydrochloric acid and sodium bicarbonate and acetic acid will be investigated within a closed system.