Math Corner MathStudent.jpgWhy do we need a math page on our wiki?Unfortunately, many times this class will feel like a second math class. That's because the ways in which we represent a chemical change will often be expressed quantitatively. Understanding how to solve algebraic equations, learning how towork with numbers written in scientific notation, expressing logarithms, and the graphing/analysis of data, will be vital skills that you will be required to use this year.

Mathematical Computations - Tutorials and Reviews
Virtual Math LabHosted by Texas A&M University, this site contains a variety of basic algebra tutorials.Begin by selecting the tutorial you would like to complete. Then work through each of the sample problems. Finish by solving the practice problems at the end of the tutorial. Click to reveal the correct answer.
Mathematics is hosted by Harvey Mudd College.
The Pre-Calculus section contains a review of basic algebra.
Utilize this section to review the most common mistakes that students tend to make on exams.

Syracuse University - Mathematics Test/Chemistry
Do you think you are ready for a college level science class?
Find out by taking Syracuse University's math, pre-test for freshman level chemistry.

Graph Paper
Need graph paper?Visit this site to print linear, semi-log, or log-log graph paper. Choose from large block, cm, mm, 4-cycle, or 2-cycle.
On-Line Calculator
Forgot your calculator?
Then link to Creative Chemistry's on-line calculator and calculator tutorial.
Be careful, you will still need to be able to enter exponents using the TI-83/TI-84 for the Regents exam.

Calculator TutorialHosted by Macon State College, this site provides detailed directions on how to use the TI-83/TI-84 calculators.

Still need help using your calculator? Click on the images below for tutorals on how to use your calculator.