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Chemistry is one of the most difficult subjects your son or daughter will encounter. Success in chemistry involves not only retaining information from one chapter to the next, but also the incorporation of mathematical skills from previous courses. Watching your son or daughter struggle with a course can be a very helpless and frustrating experience. The following links are intended to help you, and your son or daughter achieve success in Regents chemistry.

My Child's Academic Success
The U.S. Department of Education's Parent Series contains articles on how parents can help students achieve success.

List of tutors recommended by Irvington High School's guidance department

Web Accessibility
If your child has a vision, hearing or cognitive disability, there are numerous software applications to aid in the delivery of computer and web-based materials.

Microsoft's Accessibility Page
Accessibility features include options that make it easier to see, hear, and use the computer. Optional settings include; a full-screen magnifier, on-screen keyboard, text prediction, speech recognition, and touch technology.

Apple's Accessibility Page
Apple's assistive technology page includes; screen-magnification and VoiceOver, simplified user interfaces, Mouse Keys, Slow Keys, and Sticky Keys.

National Association of Special Education Teachers
The National Association of Special Education Teachers offers a listing of assistive technology resources.

Natural Readers
Software based applications that provide text to speech digital output.

Reading Made EZ
Literacy software platforms that support electronic text readers, scan to read capabilities, talking word processors, calculators, and dictionaries.

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