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Listed below you will find a link to each of the PowerPoint presentations shown in the lecture portion of our class.
The PowerPoint lessons are categorized by chapter, according to our textbook, and compliment the guided note packets that are distributed in class.
In addition to our class PowerPoint lessons, you will also find links to outside resources that offer different formats
and ways of presenting the material that we cover. Please browse these sites and leave feedback, in the discussion section of the wiki, about what you did or did not like. Also feel free to post additional sites that you find useful.

External Links to PowerPoint Lessons:
Mrs. J's Chemistry Page
Link to the PowerPoint lessons from Christy Johannesson's chemistry class at the Communications Arts High School in San Antonio, Texas.
The PowerPoint lessons are based in a Regents level curriculum, and contain numerous sample problems with explanations.
This is an excellent site to use for review before a test or quiz.

Mrs. Chilton's Honors Chemistry
In need of enrichment?
These are honors chemistry based PowerPoint lessons from C. Chilton's class at Fulton High School in Atlanta, Georgia.
Some of the material on this site is above the NYS Regents level.

Normal High School's Chemistry PowerPoint Lessons
Jeff Christopherson, from Normal Community High School in Normal, Illinois, has assembled an extensive list of chemistry PowerPoint lessons.
Guided note packets to accompany the PowerPoint lessons are also available.
Most of the PowerPoint lessons are based on Regents level chemistry.

Mrs. Savalli's PowerPoint Lessons:

Chapter 2: Matter and ChangeChapter 3: Scientific Measurement
Chapter 4: Atomic Structure
Chapter 5: Electrons in Atoms
Chapter 6: The Periodic Trends

Chapter 7: Ionic and Metallic Bonding

Chapter 8: Covalent Bonding

Chapter 9: Chemical Names and Formulas

Chapter 10: Chemical Quantities

Chapter 11: Chemical Reactions

Chapter 12: Stoichiometry