Regents Chemistry Information
Throughout the course of the year, we will examine the composition of various substances and the changes they go through.
This course will emphasize topics such as: the classification of matter, the structure of atoms and compounds, the mole, chemical nomenclature, the periodic table, and chemical reactions.
Below, you will find a list of general chemistry sites and resources that will be helpful to you during your voyage through Regents
Chemistry. If through your travels you find an appropriate site that you would like to share, please post it in the discussion section
of the wiki.

Chemistry Curriculum

This document outlines IHS's Regents Chemistry curriculum. The course requirements, expectations and grading procedures are addressed.

Prentice Hall Chemistry
Follow this link to the companion site for Prentice Hall's NYS Chemistry textbook.
The site hosts an on-line copy of the textbook that we use in class.

Pearson Success Net
Log-In Access is required
Please see me if you have forgotten your user ID and/or password.
Success Net hosts the interactive lab activities, demos, tutorials, and quizzes found with the NYS Chemistry textbook.
Several of these activities will be given as graded assignments, so be sure that you know your access information.

NYS Core Chemistry Curriculum
The document entitled Physical Setting:Chemistry, contains the core curriculum guide for Regents-based chemistry. The document outlines all
key concepts, terms, and performance indicators.
This is for all of you who have ever wondered, 'Will 'this' be on the Regents exam?'
Anything in this documnet is "fair game" for the Regents exam.

Chemistry Reference Table
The reference table represents the most recent version provided for the Physical Setting:Chemistry.
A copy must be provided to you during the administration of all tests, quizzes, and the Chemistry Regents exam.
You will receive a brand new copy of the reference table during the Regents exam in June.