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The best way to prepare for a test, quiz, or the Regents exam, is to practice. Practice answering multiple questions, short answer questions and solving mathematical problems. I have added our class review sheets at the bottom of the page. The following links are to external web-sites that contain practice questions. Most sites list the practice questions by content category. Feel free to add
any additional sites that you find useful to the discussion page of this wiki!

Regents Exam Prep Center
So, you've never been to the Oswego City School District's Regents Exam Prep Center?
This is an excellent site for Regents based multiple choice and short answer questions. Select practice questions based on topic,
preview the list of 'What You Need to Know', or review the suggestions for chemistry 'Survival Tips'.
Note: This site contains practice questions listed by content for each type of Regents exam given by New York State.

New York State Chemistry
This is a wiki-based site containing practice Regents exam questions. Use the tabs at the top of the page to refine your search for Regents
based questions, questions categorized by topic, general practice questions or review materials, including study guides and class notes.

Archived Chemistry Regents Exams
Do you want a sneak peek of an actual Regents exam?
This will link you to the NYS Education Department's web-site. The link contains archived Regents chemistry exams from January 2003 - June 2010.

Mrs. Savalli's Chapter Reviews