´╗┐Chemistry can sometimes feel like another language. An understanding of the 'language of chemistry' is important to your success
in this class. One of our goals this year, will be to create working vocabulary lists and flashcards for each of the textbook chapters.
The links below can be used to create either 'printable' flashcards, or on-line, 'interactive flashcards' and vocabulary lists.
After you create your vocabulary list and/or flash cards, please post them under the corresponding chapter heading on the discussion
page of the wiki. Use the chapter headings found below as a guideline.

Mrs. Savalli's suggestions:
Flashcard Generator
Flashcard Generator allows one to create double-sided, 'printable' flashcards. The text of the flashcard may be either vocabulary or definition-based.

Interactive Flashcards
The Scholastic site allows one to create 'printable' flashcards. In addition, you may also create an 'interactive flashcard' quiz.

Class Suggestions:
Did you find another flashcard or vocabulary-based web-site?
If you discover a vocabulary or flashcard generator that you like better, please post it on the discussion page of the wiki.

Prentice Hall Chemistry - Textbook Chapters PH_Chem_05NYsmall.jpg
Add your vocabulary lists and flash cards to the corresponding textbook chapter.
To verify the chapter to which your vocabulary words belong, Click on the image of the textbook and link to Prentice Hall's companion site.

Chapter 2: Matter and Change

Chapter 3: Scientific Measurement

Chapter 4: Atomic Structure

Chapter 5: Electrons in Atoms

Chapter 6: The Periodic Trends

Chapter 7: Ionic and Metallic Bonding

Chapter 8: Covalent Bonding

Chapter 9: Chemical Names and Formulas

Chapter 10: Chemical Quantities

Chapter 11: Chemical Reactions

Chapter 12: Stoichiometry